How To Burn Calories More Effectively At The Gym

How To Burn Calories More Effectively At The Gym

shutterstock_216062674.jpgbreathingairCoupleAre you used to grueling it out on a treadmill or similar piece of fitness equipment, only to burn a meager few hundred calories? Furthermore, is that number actually the number of calories you’re burning? Many experts are saying that it’s most likely not.

Get To The Numbers

It is true that many types of exercise machines geared for cardiovascular exercise do tell you how many calories you supposedly burned. While this number is presented to you, it’s an estimate, and is actually generally considered to be an overestimate. One expert physiologist says that there is about a margin of error at about 10 percent when a machine puts out the number of calories you burned. While the number might be close to what you burned, it really is an estimate, that’s all. Metabolic equivalents are the basis for this number, meaning the amount of oxygen used by your body.

Each of the metabolic equivalents is approximately 3.5 ml for each kg represented in the body for each minute. This oxygen is what is needed for your body during its rest time. As you exercise more often and more intensely, your body is going to burn more metabolic equivalents. Energy is expended then the body uses oxygen. For example, you run and naturally this type of exercise requires more oxygen, and this happens as the body simultaneously uses extra energy.

The equipment will use this information about metabolic equivalents as well as your individual weight as a factor is input, and that’s how the estimate is produced. If it does ask you to enter your individual weight and perhaps even your age, then it’s going to be more accurate.

Especially if you’re wanting to drop pounds, you might be counting those calories and want to know how many you’ve burned during your exercise regimen.

While when trying to lose weight, the estimate can suffice, heart rate monitors actually provide a person with the most accurate calorie burn results.

While the heart rate monitors still estimate your calories burned, they use your actual resting heart rate and ask you to input your age. Of course, you need a newer model one for this and to have the best accuracy.

If you are thinking about which gym equipment to use to help you burn the most calories, you don’t necessarily need the one that provides the highest estimate. It is the intensity you put into your workout that burns more calories. How hard you workout on a machine and the intensity you give to the workout has everything to do with your ability with certain machines and also your enjoyment. It’s always best to choose the equipment that will not only benefit you but that you also enjoy so that you’re going to give your workout the best intensity. There is a big push these days towards shorter, yet more intense workouts that provide the same results. It makes sense, as you just have to work harder with the time you’ve got. Are you willing to make that commitment?

Author: Amanda